David Leech, Photographer

What is that? Is that red real? What planet is this from? It looks like a painting… David loves his photographs to illicit comments of curiosity, and wonders what you see, which emotions you feel. Collectors hang David’s art, and then decide they have to paint a wall, fire place, or door, to co-ordinate. Sweet! People loving to live with his pictures is David’s most cherished reward.

David is seventh in an eight-generation legacy of pioneering photographic artists. Self-taught, David shot photojournalism and sports for three decades before turning his eye to contemporary fine art photography. David taps expressionist movements like minimalism, cubism, abstraction, and colour field work, for inspiration. David’s vision is conceptual, experimental, improvisational, impressionistic; fundamental graphics, colours, patterns, shapes, textures, and reflections; without contextual expectations. Visual interpretations, lacking imposed reference points, allow viewers to engage their own imaginations.

David’s visualization of photographic art is not about reproducing reality, it’s about discovering colourful beauty in the material beast that surrounds us.

“Yeah runnin’ down a dream, That never would come to me, Workin’ on a mystery, goin’ wherever it leads, Runnin’ down a dream”.
©Jeff Lynne / Michael Campbell / Tom Petty


Charles Newton Price: David is detail oriented, efficient and keeps his set up work aligned to the excellence depicted through his own work. David’s work was installed in the 18th Floor of the TD tower. His decision on piece positioning balanced the room and brought positive reaction by all who admired his work. David is a pleasure to work with! He is honest and ready to tell you what he thinks – an appreciated attribute rare to find.

Dave Townsend: I am presently enjoying seven of David’s ionH2O collection prints at home in my living room. I like the simplicity or lack of context of the pictures along with nature’s diverse colors reflecting off water. Each picture of pretty much the same subject (water) is different in color and mood. David and Lizzy are a great team ensuring any and all details are taken care of to make you happy with your unique purchase.

Ross McNichol: I have found David to be very careful and detail-oriented with not only the production but also the display of artwork and would not hesitate to recommend him to others for this service.

Publications, Shows, Events, Outreach:

Abstract Fractionists, Group Show at Infusion Coworking, September 2019
InFocus Photo Exhibition, Jury selected Chevron Parquet, Edmonton Renaissance Hotel, February 2019
Artist Reception, Stan’s Air B&B, mixed pieces, November 15, 2018
Abstract Fractionists, Group Show at Infusion Coworking, October 2018
Art Walk,
with guest photographer and multi-media artist Andrew Millar, September 2018
4th Avenue Pancake Cook-off, Recipe Samples, Shelf Life Books, July 5, 2018
City Palate Magazine, Pancake Inventor’s Notebook, Word of Mouth, May/June 2018
Culinaire Magazine, Pancake Inventor’s Notebook review by Karen Miller, May 2018
InFocus Photo Exhibition, Jury selected Cutting Edge, Edmonton Renaissance Hotel, February 2018
Exposure Festival,
Juxtaposition, with guest photographers Alexis Marie Chute, Brenda Castonguay, Greg Gerla, and Joel Warkentin, and a special Collector’s Reception and Talk by Kristyna Rempel, February 2018
Pancake Inventor’s Notebook
—A Photographer’s Cookbook, by David Leech & Lizzy Davies, ©2018
Art Walk, with Joanne MacDonald, Sculptor; and Andrew Millar, Mixed Media Artist; September 2017
ATB Entrepreneur Centre, mixed pieces throughout the bank office, March 2017 to August 2018
Exposure Festival, Juxtaposition, with guest photographer Wade Walker, February 2017
Abstract Fractionists Group Show at Hudson Lofts & Theatre Junction, April 2016
ATB Marda Loop, mixed pieces, February/March 2016
Exposure Festival, Juxtaposition, with guest artist and vocalist Malcolm Mooney, February 2016
Art Walk, A Road Trilogy: photographers Greg Gerla, Andrew Millar, David Leech, September 2015
ATB Marda Loop, mixed pieces, February/March 2015
Exposure Festival, Dereliction and The Bone House, with guest abstract photographer Kim Kelln, February 2015
All About Jazz, featured portfolio of concert photographs, Jan/Feb 2015
Apex Corrosion Engineering – Corrosion as Art, new web site launched January, 2015
Art Matakana, New Zealand, Labor of Love, September 2014
Hot Fashion, Cool Art Show with Jezibel’s Trunk, June, 2014
Vault Magazine Debut Hardcopy Issue, February 2014
Exposure Festival, Corrosion, with guest mixed media artist Brenda Castonguay, February 2014
Special Seasonal Opening with guest photographer Fernanda Feltes, December 2013
Nellie’s Cafe, ionH2O, Nov/Dec 2013
Where Calgary Magazine, Nov/Dec 2013
APEGA Summit Awards Gala, Art Show, April 2013
MOCA – Museum of Contemporary Art, 1912 – 2012, March 2013
Exposure Festival, ionH2O, February 2013
Swerve Magazine “Picture Perfect Family”, July 6th, 2012
Calgary Herald Virtual Museum, July 2012
Calgary Stampede “My Story” Digital, July 2012
CPC Elevate, World Wide Wow Photo Contest, People’s Choice & Honorable Mention, November 2009

Private Collectors: Dave T, Bob B, Pat M, Kevin A, Troy & Jeff, Malcolm M
Corporate Collections: CalVista LLP, Infusion Coworking, Stan’s Air B&B