An abstract eye on metal & rust

Corrosion is an abstract eye on metal. Disintegrating tools, spare parts, machinery, equipment; artifacts, junk, scrap, detritus. Protective paint layers perish, crackle, flake, and peel away, to slowly expose insidious ferric oxides to the weather. Rust never sleeps, eventually returning substantial steel creations to the earth, as nothing more than dust blowing in the wind.

An abstract eye on things abandoned

Dereliction is an eye on things abandoned: ignored, forgotten, forlorn, fading away, dismissed by our modern predilection for everything new. Capturing vignettes of abstract beauty, hidden away in stuff left behind: crackling paint, peeling wallpaper, perishing linoleum, disintegrating vinyl, rusting equipment. Exposing the edgy side—welcome to The Bone House…

An abstract eye on water patterns & reflections

An eye on water patterns, reflections, impressions. Fundamental graphics, colours, shapes without contextual expectations. A camera records light, images, evidence. Exposure breaths life, energy, vividness, saturation. Which way is up, left, right, where is the horizon? Is that blue real? That red? If we adopt the right attitude everything is real – it’s just a matter of perception.

An abstract eye on downtown architecture

Juxtaposition is an abstract eye on downtown architecture. Cityscapes that challenge perception. Viewpoints that confuse and defy spatial relationships. Angles that restrict context and peripheral vision. Locations that applaud historical, cultural and fashionable history, styles, progress, and urban renewal. For sometimes we see too much, less is more than enough.