Not yet! What springs to mind is my Pop playing 78’s, then mono LP’s. I started my music collection with 45’s, and my first LP was the Rolling Stones ‘Now’, before the Beatles. I still have a turntable and regularly play from my 750 vinyl album collection, mostly in stereo. Then there were reel-to-reel, 8 track, and cassette tapes. I’ve digitized my 250 tapes, and can play them on my smartphone. I have 750 CD’s and my MP3 collection tops 25,000 songs. There were two sizes of Floppy disks, Zip drives, hard drives, thumb drives, SSID cards, and SD chips. So please don’t accuse me of being afraid of change… #consumption #abstractphotography #fineartphotography #pandamnit #lockdown

Floppy drives, CD’s, and a cassette tape spring to mind

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