Aid, Charity, Non-Profit, NGO, they all sound benevolent, giving money to those in need. But how much really filters down to the needy, the children, after salaries? While the average NGO-CEO salary of $175,352 sounds fair, many are through the roof. Even my own professional non-profit, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), CEO pay is excessive at $570,303 while they actually still charge me to download technical papers – that’s not very charitable! Goodwill Industries top salary is a whopping $3,206,088. UNICEF – CEO, receives $1,200,000 per year, (plus use of a Royal Royce for his exclusive use where ever he goes, and an expense account that is rumoured to be well over $150,000.) Lemon Aid, I say! #consumption #abstractphotography #fineartphotography #pandamnit #lockdown

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