I read to my kids every night before bed. Norbert Nipkin was their favourite story. It’s about a fearsome young giant Zlog named Grog who makes friends with Norbert, rather than eating the tasty little Nipkin. The moral of the story is that anybody, everybody, can become friends, no matter their stature or food preferences. I also read plenty of joyous, fun, nonsensical Dr. Seuss. I read Fox in Sox as fast as I could, One Fish Two Fish backwards, and if it was late I’d just skip through reading random words, done in a minute, but the giggles didn’t necessarily help them get to sleep any sooner. The Woke movement is completely misguided banning Dr. Seuss while leaving Hitler’s Mein Kampf on the shelf. #consumption #abstractphotography #fineartphotography #pandamnit #lockdown

Try reading it backwards…

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