Oh my my. Oh my my. I went to the doctor. Knocked at his door. And he said (man) what can I do you for. And I said doctor. For a start. The (country) I love has done and broke my heart. (Credit to Jill Barber). Inept government, at all levels, has turned my patriotism into an embaressing sham. Taxes, inflation, the cost-of-living, propaganda, corruption, ethics violations, interference, control, are all through-the-roof. We now have bonafide terrorists, convicted criminals, and sexual predators in charge. Fascist tyranny, terrorizing the masses into feardome, turning democracy into nothing more than a theoretical philosophy. Socialism has no history of ever working out, but our democracy has also failed us. #consumption #abstractphotography #fineartphotography #pandamnit #lockdown

Oh my my. Oh my my.

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