Daylight savings time wreaks havoc with #welltesting. Downhole pressure recorders just keep time, irregardless of human intervention with the clock. But up at surface, testers change the clock, so either the well: 1) suddenly produced nothing for an hour, or 2) produced twice as much for an hour. It’s a critical input error affecting superposition time in pressure transient analysis (PTA). I have spent up to six hours of chargeable time to fix the error, manually, line-by-line, because software doesn’t do it. Alberta just had the stupidest referendum on it: keep it, changing back-and-forth twice-per-year; or DST year ’round – but never asked about keeping MST all year, like Saskatchewan and Queensland. Just another topic whereby I dissent from social compliance. #consumption #abstractphotography #fineartphotography #pandamnit #lockdown

Standard Time Proponent

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